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A few words about Trællerup

The place itself

The training- and camp ground can be found here. If you need to estimate the driving time to get here, then Google Maps is here to help you. We will be training and tenting in the two fields just north of the buildings.

The surroundings

Trælleruphallen is situated a few minutes off a main highway but with acess only through the small town of Gevninge. You will be asked to drive slowly through the town, where you will notice the possibility of grocery shopping and the occasional pizza.

The beach at Herslev

A short drive north of the camp, you will find Herslev Strand. It is not a big beach, but it is popular with us locals. If you can, please consider bringing a bicycle for trips to the beach. It is a popular spot, and we all want to keep traffic down.

Tourist stuff

You are here on vacation. We assume you will want to take in some of the sights when you’re not sweating in the sun with the rest of us. Here are some highlights.

Viking ships

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde has a beautiful collection of actual viking ships which have been recovered from the local Fjord. As part of its scientific mission the museum also sponsors the building of new “viking ships” of all shapes and sizes.

These ships can be seen sailing on the fjord from time to time, and the mueum buildings in Roskilde are surrounded by activities pertaining to the ships and boats. In the background of this picture, you can see the cathedral in Roskilde itself, where Danish kings and queens have been buried for centuries.


Trællerup is part of the municipality of Lejre. Lejre was the camp of the king back in the viking age. There are rich signs of this heritage everywhere, and as such it was the ideal place to put Sagnlandet. Sagnlandet (“The land of legends”) was founded as an archaeological research and outreach station exhibiting culture from the stone age and forward through the recreation of dwellings. Danish families take their vacation there, living as e.g. bronze age families in the museum cottages.

Bronze age cottages rebuilt in Sagnlandet

Lejre bymuseum

When we say that Lejre was the seat of the viking kings, there’s a lot of history associated with that. Many people have heard of Beovulf. What many people don’t know is, that it takes place… in Lejre. Close to the excavated viking halls, you will find Lejre Bymuseum, where volunteers will be more than happy to show you, how the viking age still leaves marks on the landscape today.

Herslev Bryghus

When you need a bit of more contemporary culture, we can heartily recommend that you reuse the bike you brought for beach trips to visit Herslev Bryghus. It is a brewery build on a local farm and during the summer it is a vibrant scene of indoor and outdoor activities with beer, music and snack foods.

Orga team "throwing hearts"

First SOLA workshop in Trællerup

The orga team held its first meeting in December at the location in Trællerup. We are looking forward to seeing you all here i July 2023.

We plan to use this page to share news about the planning and touristy tips with all of you, so please share with your friends when something new and exciting shows up. Also, if there’s a good way to reach people in your Dojang, then please drop a comment below or send us a a mail on If you have any questions about the event or the venue or special requests, feel free to contact us in the same way.

Orga team "throwing hearts"

We took the chance to enjoy the grass and try out the place where you will all be training next summer.